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The purpose of Pokebank is to store and transfer Pokemon. Its like a PC's storage system that you can find in the games, except with Pokebank 3000 Pokemon can be stored. It also has a better search system. 

You can also get rewards of Battle Points or Pokemiles, or even event Pokemon, for using Pokebank.


Q: What is Pokebank?

A: Pokebank is a downloadable application for your 3DS that will allow you to store up to three thousand pokemon on the internet. Please keep in mind you CANNOT upload with Pokebank, you will need the Poke Transporter application for that

Q: How do I get Pokebank?

A: It is available on the Nintendo e-Shop. Just search for Pokebank

Q: How long does the free trial last?

A: The free trial lasts up to 30 days after the initial download and loading of Pokebank, or until March 14th after which it will become a paid service of $5 a year

Q: How long does the Celebi event last?

A: Due to recent server issues, the Celebi event has been lengthened to September 30th.

Q: Can I transfer eggs or items in Pokebank?

A: No you cannot put eggs or items into Pokebank.

Q: How do I get the Celebi?

A: Load Pokebank up first, accept your prize and deposite a pokemon. Save and exit pokebank. Load it back up and you should recieve your Celebi. Save then open your copy of X/Y, there should be a Link option on the title page before you load your save

Q: I tried to connect and it says server locked? Help?

A: Server locked means your connection died mid-loading last time, it's trying to resolve your connection dying. Check back in ten minutes.

Q: Can hacked pokemon make it through Pokebank?

A: Yes but only legit looking hacks, something with obscene moves or of the like will not pass.

Q: How do I transfer through Pokebank?

A: You cannot, you'll need to download Poke Transporter. Click get Poke Transporter at the start of the Pokebank screen.

Q: Can I transfer from Diamond, Pearl, Plat, HG, or SS?

A: No, you'll need to transfer into Black/Black2 or White/White2 to be able to transfer into Pokebank

Q: Can I/How do I move multiple pokemon?

A: Press start until your pointer icon turns green, then you can highlight multiple pokemon in sections.

Q: Can I move more than one box of pokemon?

A: Yes you may but you can ONLY transfer from box 1 in the Gen 5 games. To transfer more you'll need to move them into box 1.

Q: Since I can't transfer items, how do I get X?

A Please refer to the current link for anything pertaining to event/legends

Q: Can I SR for the Celebi or get a second one?

A: Celebi is put directly in your PC so you cannot SR for better stats, and the Celebi is tied to your Pokebank/ID. You'd need to reset your 3DS to factory settings and make a new Nintendo ID to be able to get a second.


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